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Learn about Maslow's hierarchy of needs
4 Mins
The 5 Languages of Love
5 Mins, 1 Sec
The Jar of Life
Dyslexia Awareness Part 2: Module 3 - Emotional Impact
Does time heal when you have lost someone you love?
What helps you get through after losing a loved one?
Supporting Trauma Recovery
22 MINS, 32 Secs
7 Mins, 41 secs
Activity Scheduling - Dr Nick White
4 Mins, 36 secs
Setting Goals - Dr Nick White
7 mins, 8 secs
ABC Diaries - Dr Nick White
4 mins, 55 secs
Boundary Setting - Dr Nick White
5 mins, 54 secs
Hampshire CAMHS: Coping Past Lockdown
12 mins, 53 secs
Hampshire CAMHS: Sleep Workshop
22 mins, 6 secs
Coronavirus: The Three Cs
14 mins, 16 secs
A parent and daughter talk about coping with self harm
6 min, 53 secs
A parent and daughter talk about needing hospital treatment due to self harm
8 mins, 12 secs
Stop All The Clocks - A film about suicide
8 mins, 10 secs
Guided Mindfulness: Passing Clouds - Dr Natalie Roberts
6 mins, 25 secs
Guided Mindfulness: Leaves on a Steam
5 mins, 39 secs
We All Have Mental Health
5 mins, 39 secs
How to make a Crisis Coping Plan with a Young Person - An Introduction
1 min, 23 secs
A Mother and Daughter share their experience of mental health
27 mins, 8 secs
What would you want people to know about Eating Disorders?
1 min, 18 secs
What it's like having an Eating Disorder in relation to exercise, sport and holidays?
4 mins, 20 secs
How to manage tough days and stay motivated
2 mins, 46 secs
Friendships, Socialising and Diet Culture
6 mins, 37 secs
CAMHS Treatment for Eating Disorders
1 min, 32 secs
Organisations that support LGBTQ+
1 min, 47 secs
Advice for someone coming out as LGBTQ+
2 mins, 9 secs
Advice for people who may be transgender
2 mins, 5 secs
How to support a young person who is misusing subtances
22 mins, 41 secs
How to support a young person who may have anxiety
53 mins, 16 secs
Rainbow NHS Badges
1 min, 36 secs
Why are teenagers moody?
48 secs
What challenges are teenagers facing?
1 min, 12 secs
What age do young people tend to spend more time outside of the family, and what impact can that have?
2 mins, 50 secs
What does the typical teenager look like?
2 mins, 25 secs
Advice to parents concerned about their teenagers mental health
4 mins, 14 secs
Naomi's Eating Disorder Journey
20 mins, 27 secs
Hampshire CAMHS Eating Disorder Support Group
5 mins, 6 secs
How do parents cope when their child wont eat?
7 mins, 8 secs
How do you tell friends & family about your childs eating disorder?
3 mins, 34 secs
Parents discuss the early signs they noticed of an eating issue
6 mins,18 secs
Referral to Eating disorder team & Early days
5 mins, 2 secs
Where do you seek help for eating concerns - A Parent View
12 mins, 5 secs
How to support a young person who may have ADHD
31 mins, 33 secs
Adverse Childhood Experiences
5 mins, 43 secs
How parents can maintain good relationships with their young person
2 mins, 7 secs
A young person talks about their trans journey
4 mins, 41 secs
A conversation about pronouns
2 mins, 36 secs
A personal journey to transgender
2 mins, 15 secs
Coming out as trans - a personal experience
2 mins, 31 secs
LGBTQ+ vulnerability to mental health difficulties
1 min, 30 secs
Pronouns explained and discussed
4 mins, 10 secs
NSPCC: Military Families
31 mins, 29 secs
A Young Person's Experience of Depression
10 mins, 29 secs
A Glimpse of Hope - credit Hampshire Cultral Trust and ICE Project
5 mins, 4 secs
Welcome to CAMHS
3 mins, 24 secs
Amazing Things Happen! - credit Amazing Things Happen
5 mins, 30 secs
How to support a young person who may have Autism
32 mins, 9 secs
Let Me Be Your Camera - Understanding ADHD - credit ADHDPerkins
2 mins, 22 secs
What is Wrong With Me? An ADHD Story- credit Jenna Boyd
4 mins, 42 secs
A-Z Coping Strategy
4 mins, 18 secs
Supporting a young person with depression in crisis who may self-harm
42 mins, 37 secs
I had a black dog, his name was depression - credit World Health Organization
4 mins, 18 secs
Is there a link between social media and eating difficulties?
1 min, 30 secs
Beat Eating Disorders: Sufferers - credit Beat
27th Apr 2020
Hampshire CAMHS - how to support a young person with an eating difficulty
46 mins, 34 secs
Hampshire CAMHS - Boosting Body Image and Self-esteem
49 mins, 25 secs
Meet the team at Hampshire Specialist Eating Disorder Service
2 mins, 2 secs
What is an eating disorder?
5 mins, 33 secs
How eating disorders impact family life and what causes them
10 mins, 1 sec
The Treatment Approach for an Eating Disorder
19 mins, 45 secs
What are eating disorders and their impact on the body
6 mins, 55 secs
Practical tips for families caring for a child with an eating disorder
15 mins, 44 secs
A Little Insight - Young People who Hear Voices - credit LondonHVN
2 mins, 40 secs
Symptoms and Strategies for PTSD in Children and Teens - credit AnxietyBC
2 mins, 54 secs
An Introduction to Positive Behaviour Support PBS (credit Video from BILD)
6 mins, 37 secs
Talk PANTS with Pantosaurus and his PANTS song #TalkPANTS - credit NSPCC
2 mins
Disrespect NoBody - credit Disrespect NoBody
30 secs
Tea Consent - credit Blue Seat Studios
2 mins, 49 secs
Managing challenging behaviour
37 mins, 19 secs
6 things to do if you are being bullied
25 secs
5 things to do if you are being bullied online
24 secs
Top tips if you think someone is being bullied
13 secs
Managing bullying and how to get help
7 mins, 33 secs
How to support a young person who is being bullied
40 mins, 59 secs
Things Not To Say To Cosplayers
6 mins, 10 secs
An Instructional How To Video; Living Life; Appreciating What Matters to You
2 mins, 56 secs
An Instructional How To Video; Progressive Muscle Relaxation
3 mins, 39 secs
Things Not To Say To a Refugee
5 mins, 40 secs
Things Not To Say To Someone Who Has Been in Care
6 mins, 46 secs
How to face COVID by Dr Russ Harris; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
5 mins, 24 secs
Answering questions children have about Coronavirus by The Children's Hospital Colorado
49 secs
Coronavirus Explained to Children by Eurac Research
3 mins, 7 secs
Coronavirus and Staying Safe; A Makaton Version by Alex Kelly, Speaking Space
2 mins
How to wash your hands; Barts Health NHS Trust
46 secs
Living with anxiety - credit YoungMinds
1 min, 22 secs
Struggling with Anxiety? Try on a new perspective - credit AnxietyBC
46 secs
Help For Hereos; Hidden Wounds, Getting In Touch
1 min
Help for Heroes; Hidden Wounds, Contact The Team
1 min, 18 secs
Help For Hereos; Facing It Together, Si and Tempy
4 mins, 4 secs
An Instructional How To Video; Grounding Techniques; being in the here and now
3 mins, 36 secs
An Instructional How to Video; Breathing Techniques
4 mins, 45 secs
Make your own self-soothe box
5 mins, 32 secs
How to make a Crisis Coping Plan with a Young Person
21 mins, 8 secs
CARE (Coping and Resilience Education Skills); A 45minute workshop for adults on understanding young people's emotions and how to support them with emotional resilience and mental health
42 mins, 29 secs
Things Not To Say To a Fat Person
4 mins, 42 secs
Things Not To Say To a (Very) Tall person
5 mins, 21 secs
Things Not To Say To Someone Who Stammers
6 mins, 2 secs
Things Not To Say To Someone With A Facial Disfigurement
4 mins, 8 secs
Things Not To Say To Someone Who Uses A Wheelchair
5 mins, 39 secs
Things Not To Say to Amputees
6 mins, 39 secs
Things Not To Say To a Short Person
5 mins, 28 secs
Things Not To Say To Hairy Women
6 mins, 31 secs
Things Not To Say To People With Acne
5 mins, 25 secs
What is ADHD?
2 mins, 35 secs
What is Autism?
4 mins, 13 secs
How to Manage School Anxiety
11 mins, 23 secs