The Together Project
10th May 2021

1st Sep 2021

We know that the last 12 months have been incredibly challenging for our young people which, as a result, has impacted on their anxiety, experiences, connectivity and learning. The Together Project shares helpful resources and ideas, and a useful platform for conversations with young people.

What's involved?

This unique, strange, and unprecedented event will have undoubtedly created significant potential for increased levels of loneliness and uncertainty about how to connect with others again. Therefore, we are looking to run a time-limited project over the summer called, “The Together Project”.

We are hoping that the resources and ideas will be helpful, and a useful platform for conversations with young people. Please find attached a PDF of ideas and sources of information and resources to get started with the young people in your school, or youth organisation. Please let us know how you get on.

Within this document are different ideas to help young people to:

1) Identify how they are feeling;

2) Activities to try to match their mood;

3) Ideas for generating activities to try which will build confidence, help to manage mood, and to build connections with others.

There’s no obligation; it’s up to you how much you want to get involved.

The projects

21 in 21

21 different activities to try, then incorporate into everyday life

Virtual Activity Planner

When boredom sets in and you’re not sure what to do, use this virtual activity planner to give you suggestions on what to do, and new things to try

• Emotions Diary and Mood Regulating Activities

Rate your feelings and find an activity to dial up, or down, your energy

Connecting the Dots

A fun and creative activity to express your individuality, and connect with others to form a collaborative art installation

Top Tips Sheets

Some suggestions on how to manage aspects such as friendships, coping with boredom, feeling lonely and staying safe

The Kindness Toolkit

Some suggestions of developing kindness and compassion to oneself, and others


Monday 10th May 2021

The Together Project


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