Life Lines
10th Sep

Life Lines

A National Project organised by Hampshire CAMHS that encourages people of all ages to raise public awareness of suicide.

Anyone who has been affected by suicide will be invited to contribute a “Dedication Flag” that represents someone lost to suicide. Contributors will be able to design on material in whatever way the person chooses to remember and reflect the person that has died.  These flags will then be tied onto lengths of ribbon, forming lines that represent lives, and people’s connection to one another.

Charities and relevant organisations will be invited to create a flag that shares their role in suicide prevention, these will also be tied on interspersed with the other dedication flags.

Everyone affected is invited to get involved, whatever age, wherever you live. This may mean several flags are included from a fellow pupils at a school, siblings and extended friends and family.

This Hampshire initiative is a National opportunity to get involved. The intention is to join up all the dedication flags together and come together in a public and visible expression for September 10th (world suicide prevention day). Details to follow nearer to the time.

Everyone is encouraged to share what they are doing on social media with the hashtag #LifeLines #suicideprevention #mentalhealth

Pictures can also be sent to: where some pictures will be posted on our CAMHS website.

Hampshire CAMHS are looking for local coordinators who can encourage, promote involvement in their area, and who may be able to bring the flags together.

Please refer to our  flyer  for a summary.

With thanks to the following Organisations getting involved:


The Aims of Life Lines

  • To demonstrate in a very visual and impactful image of how many lives have been lost to suicide
  • To raise awareness, education and starting conversations on suicide
  • To remember the loss of loved ones
  • To highlight the importance of connections and connecting – being joined up and avoiding isolation
  • To understand the ripple effect of suicide

How to Get Involved

  • Create your ‘Dedication Flag’ on any piece of material not exceeding 20×20 inches. Any materials except wool may be used. Make use of old sheets, T shirts or scraps of material you may have. Use any art materials to decorate your flag. You can print, draw, or paint onto it – fabric pens and fabric paints work well. Feel free to use patches, buttons, or pieces of clothing.
  • Decorate the flag in a way that represents the person who has died by suicide. This could be a poem, a quote, picture, or something more abstract, it will be personal to each individual. Some prompts that you might find helpful when thinking about the person you are doing a dedication flag for: What was their favourite colour? What were their favourite interests, hobbies etc? What makes you smile when you think of them?
  • Think about talking to others about the dedication flag to share ideas

The flags once completed can be tied, or sewn, onto a length of ribbon ready to be joined to others. DO NOT use glue. Everything needs to be firmly fixed. Bondaweb is great, it sticks by ironing. Please just ensure it is secure, and be aware that the dedication flags will be hanging from the ribbon and not be laying flat. See some example pictures below:

If you have Dedication Flags you wish to be incorporated into the overall piece, please ensure they are attached to a length of ribbon, and contact: marking the email “Life Lines”.