Hear Me
1st Jan 2019

31st Dec 2019

Hear Me. The Hear Me campaign is a year long campaign for 2019 which focuses on children in care.

What is the Hear Me Campaign?

The Hear Me Campaign is made up of a number of creative, innovative and inclusive projects and events which will benefit young people, parents/carers and professionals.

Aims of the campaign: 

  • To provide opportunities directly with young people to gain skills that enhances their self-worth and empowers them to achieve their potential, and increase self-confidence which in turn will improve their emotional and mental health.
  • To train, support and advise the systemic network that supports these young people in order to enhance their work with young people in their care and ensure its effectiveness.
  • To provide young people across Hampshire with the chance to contribute and feedback to wider conversations about pertinent issues relating to young people’s health and wellbeing.

Campaign Events:

  • Rum in the Gravy Boat – An autobiographical play about being brought up by a parent with alcoholism and the related challenges and experiences this brought with it. See below for details and booking.
  • ABC (Advanced Better Care) Training – Four free specialist targeted and focused training days for professionals working with children in care across the Hampshire county throughout 2019. For further details and booking please click here

Campaign Projects:

  • #Hear Me – This project aims to capture the voices of young people. Hampshire CAMHS will send a brief to schools and youth organisations with questions and conversation starters to help facilitate hearing what young people have to say. Hampshire CAMHS will invite responses back that capture the main themes and ideas, and what has happened as a result, in a format that the school or organisation choose. The school will also be encouraged to create the words of the title #HearMe in a visual and creative way, photograph it and send it with feedback from the questions. There will be an added incentive to participate by making it a competition for the best and most creative entries. The winners will receive resources for their schools that support young people mental and emotional health and wellbeing. If you would like more information or want to get involved, please email: Spnt.hantscamhsinnovation@nhs.net
  • “Look and Listen” – Look and Listen will be an exhibition which aims to raise awareness of the history of looking after children in care, which will include outlining the situation as it is today, inspiring young people in care of what can be achieved and provide an opportunity and platform for people to be given a voice and share the views through this campaign. Details of the exhibition can be found here.


Tuesday 29th Jan 2019

Rum in the Gravy Boat

Who is it for?

An autobiographical play about being brought up by a parent with alcoholism and the related challenges and experiences this brought with it.

The first performance of this will be on Tuesday 29 January 2019 at The Vyne School, Basingstoke. Tickets for this event are free but booking is required due to limited capacity at this venue,

Please note. this event is not full – you are not able to book on this website. To book your place, click here, where you will be redirected to Eventbrite.


The Vyne School, Vyne Road, Basingstoke, RG21 5NU