22nd Apr 2021

10th Dec 2021

This is a survey of the views of boys (including transgender boys) between the ages of 11-18 years. The survey will be open to responses until 10th December 2021.

This survey is now closed.   To see the results, click inside.


What is the Boys' Views Survey 2021?

This Survey is now closed. 

To see results, click here: Survey results

This survey is intended to get an honest and up to date understanding of the views, attitudes and experiences of boys under the age of 18 years old in Hampshire. It seeks to understand their priorities and be clear about what is important to them. This survey is interested in the mental and emotional health of young people and the many related issues that are integral to keeping well, achieving, and being happy. The survey is divided up into a number of different lifestyle and mental health questions.

Aims of the campaign

  • The outcome of this survey will be used to inform the future work, planning, and development of Hampshire Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service.
  • Outcomes will be used to engage and collaborate with other relevant organisations and youth services, on related and relevant projects together.
  • Creation of appropriate resources to support young boys, and be used by a variety of youth based organisations.

Campaign Projects


To participate in this survey, either clink the link below to go to the survey, or download via the QR code below.

Focus Groups

It is hoped that some face to face or digital focus groups with boys between the ages of 11-18 can take place, with young people’s clubs, as appropriate. If you have a group of young boys, or manage a youth group, football club, arts, games, orchestra, cadets, etc, and would like to participate, please make contact at