10th May 2021

1st Sep 2021

We know that the last 12 months have been incredibly challenging for our young people which, as a result, has impacted on their anxiety, experiences, connectivity and learning. The Together Project shares helpful resources and ideas, and a useful platform for conversations with young people.

22nd Apr 2021

10th Dec 2021

This is a survey of the views of boys (including transgender boys) between the ages of 11-18 years. The survey will be open to responses until 10th December 2021.

Previous Campaigns

1st Jan 2019

31st Dec 2019

Hear Me. The Hear Me campaign is a year long campaign for 2019 which focuses on children in care.

1st Jan 2018

31st Dec 2018

Everybody has a body and every body is brilliant. The Everybody Campaign was a yearlong campaign in 2018, which focused on eating disorders, body image and self-esteem in young people.

10th Sep 2016

31st Dec 2017

The SAFE Campaign was a yearlong campaign in 2017 which centred around suicide awareness for young people.