10th Sep

Life Lines

A National Project organised by Hampshire CAMHS that encourages people of all ages to raise public awareness of suicide.

14th Nov

Time Together Day

This Hampshire based initiative wants the Nation to get involved. On the 14th of November 2024 we are encouraging Schools, universities, workplaces, businesses EVERYONE to spend some time together to focus on suicide prevention through learning, sharing & being together.

1st Jan 2024

31st Dec 2024

Hampshire CAMHS in 2024 will be running a campaign, in collaboration with HPCN, that focuses on the needs of Parents and Carers.

Previous Campaigns

1st Jan 2023

31st May 2023

NHS 75th Anniversary Projects – The Hot Air Balloon Project

The NHS celebrated its 75th Anniversary on 5th July 2023. A great opportunity to celebrate its achievements, and involve young people in creating something special to mark this exciting moment.


1st Feb 2023

31st Mar 2023

The ICE Project is a series of free arts workshops and creative opportunities, for young people known to Hampshire CAMHS.

1st Jan 2022

31st Dec 2022
22nd Apr 2021

10th Dec 2021

This is a survey of the views of boys (including transgender boys) between the ages of 11-18 years. The survey will be open to responses until 10th December 2021.

This survey is now closed.   To see the results, click inside.


10th May 2021

1st Sep 2021

We know that the last 12 months have been incredibly challenging for our young people which, as a result, has impacted on their anxiety, experiences, connectivity and learning. The Together Project shares helpful resources and ideas, and a useful platform for conversations with young people.

1st Jan 2019

31st Dec 2019

Hear Me. The Hear Me campaign is a year long campaign for 2019 which focuses on children in care.

1st Jan 2018

31st Dec 2018

Everybody has a body and every body is brilliant. The Everybody Campaign was a yearlong campaign in 2018, which focused on eating disorders, body image and self-esteem in young people.

10th Sep 2016

31st Dec 2017

The SAFE Campaign was a yearlong campaign in 2017 which centred around suicide awareness for young people.