Helping with emotional wellbeing and mental health

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) are an NHS service, that aims to help young people up to the age of 18 who are finding it hard to manage their emotional, psychological and mental health. CAMHS have community teams of staff across the Hampshire area who are able to support young people and families if needed, and there is likely to be a clinic near you.

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Who do we help?

Hampshire CAMHS is an NHS specialist service for young people aged 0-18 years and their families who are experiencing difficulties with their mental and emotional health.

Who we are

There are a number of different clinical and professional staff who are trained and experienced in working with young people, and their families. Hampshire Specialist CAMHS aim to help a young person build skills of their own and achieving their potential and getting the most out of their life. To find out more check out our ‘About Us‘ section.

Hampshire Specialist CAMHS services are provided by Sussex Partnership. To find out more about the other services that they provide, click here.

How we help

We support the young people we see and families, along with their support network, such as teachers and GP to get the best outcomes possible. The needs for each young person and family may vary, and we may use different ways to help, which you can find out more about in our ‘About Us‘ section. We encourage young people and families to build their own skills and confidence and there is more about this in our ‘Help‘ section.

To make a referral to Hampshire Specialist CAMHS, please download and complete the following referral form.

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  • SAFE Campaign

    The SAFE Campaign was a yearlong campaign which centred around suicide awareness for young people.

  • Everybody Campaign

    Everybody has a body and every body is brilliant. The Everybody Campaign is a yearlong campaign throughout 2018, which focuses on eating disorders, body image and self-esteem in young people.

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